4/24 Cinema’s Ever-Present Past

Today’s class we started off watching the opening to the Todd Haynes film “I’m Not There” raising issues of identity.  In the film multiple actors portray the legendary rock icon Bob Dylan each depicting a different aspect of his life and personality.  Depicting many facets that make up Dylan’s persona with, Cate Blanchett’s personification perhaps the most interesting of all, challenges the nature of having fixed identity. 

       Next we discussed the Jenkin’s reading discussing modern uses of technology in educational contexts.  The presentation’s overarching questions dealt with the ways technology can be used for student’s to participate in an educational environment by creating an interactive atmosphere. 

   The next presentation covered the McGowen’s analysis of David Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive” through Lacanian psychoanalysis.  McGowen emphasizes the distinction between the levels of fantasy and desire that film exists on.  The first part of the film exists mainly in the fantasy world of the character Betty and is characterized by positivity.  The second half is the harsh reality of the world of her desires.  Throughout the essay McGowen discusses how the film fits into the classic Hollywood cinema emphasizing the distinctions Lynch makes between elements of storytelling filmmakers have historically blended together.   


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