Jaap’s Recitation 5/1

Last week during lecture and section, we discussed how new technologies change the way films are made, distributed and seen.  We looked at the innovations that digital filmmaking created and how it was different from using analogue film.

During lecture, we looked at the final race of the grand prix in the movie Speedracer.  We then watched the film Zodiac which offers a different take on filmmaking and the question of reality.  The entire film was shot using digital technology, and no actual film was use.  This was done to create “a more real kind of film.”

During section, Jaap discussed handing in our papers in his faculty mailbox.  We then watched a clip from the original Tron (1983, created by Disney).  It was important to watch this film because it was the first film that contains CGI.  We also looked at this film in relation to Speedracer and how the film presents this idea of immersion into a virtual reality.  This led us to discuss the positive and negative effects of using 3D in films.  Natasha then gave her presentation on the Stephen Prince article.  After the presentation we discussed Zodiac.  At the end of class we did an informal evaluation as well as formal evaluation.  The informal evaluation was where we went around the room and discussed our favorite film, least favorite film, and most interesting topic of the class during the semester.


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