Bruno’s Recitation 5/2/12

So. We started off the recitation with that wonderfully ridiculous Ryan Trecartin video. Again, had there been no pretense, I would’ve said it was comedically spectacular. Actually, I was still laughing even with the pretense. So take that for whatever it means. Also here’s that hands video I was talking about.


Genius. Anyways, what I found to be the most interesting part of our conversation was the focus on memes and the “community” being created on the internet. I know this is nothing new as of the last decade, but I for one get fucking pumped about the idea of memes and this whole collaborative internet experience. It’s never happened quite like this before, even just from a couple years ago to now. It’s constantly becoming something new and big and awesome and oh god I’m just so excited WOO!

Granted, I absolutely hate Facebook trying to tell everyone about everything you’ve ever clicked on in your whole life, but the interconnectivity of everything is awesome. On Myspace, you used to have to find the EMBED code to put something on your profile! Harsh toke, bra. I remember going onto Facebook for the first time and posting a link, then being positively exhilarated when it showed that little preview. NO WAY, I thought in a screaming voice, THIS IS GOING TO MAKE SHOWING THINGS THAT I LIKE SO MUCH EASIER. EVERYONE WILL LOVE ME. And it did make things easier. But nobody loves me.

So I guess here’s the question I wanna raise, which really goes back to something we mentioned weeks ago: the artist’s intention! I swear, if I just stumbled across that Trecartin video, I would have been in awe. It’s such a brilliantly disturbing bastardization of nonsense, I would’ve assumed the person was just trying to be outrageous. And what if I had seen the hands video at a film festival? Would it be as funny, or would I suddenly have a negative attitude towards it as “art?”

These are just the floaty ideas I’m having post-class. Don’t even know if anyone except Bruno will read this. Hi, Bruno. It’s been a good class. I’m gonna watch the hands video again now.


One response to “Bruno’s Recitation 5/2/12

  1. Hi Dom! Thanks for the video with the hand thing. I couldn’t sit through it even though it’s short. Maybe after the semester is over…

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