Jaap Recitation 4/25

At the beginning of class, Jaap discussed final papers and confirmed that we are free to choose any style of citation as long as we are consistent.We then went on to watch a clip from Super 8 (JJ Abrams). In the clip, the kids are filming their own movie on a Super 8 camera down at the train station when they witness a train crash. Overall, the clip dealt with nostalgia for middle class America, childhood, and past Spielberg films, especially ET. The paradox lies in the celebration of fan culture and amateur filmmaking while at the same time relying heavily on special effects. Also, it is ironic how Spielberg’s films already depicted a nostalgia for American suburban towns, and now Super 8 is nostalgic for Spielberg’s already nostalgic films.

Next we watched Matt and Denzel’s presentation on Henry Jenkins’ “Quentin Taratino’s Star Wars? Grassroots Creativity Meets the Media Industry”. They discussed fan culture and convergence culture. We then went on to watch a clip from the Animatrix. This was another example of how convergence culture comes into play. David’s presentation on Tom McGowen and Mulholland Drive was very fascinating because he showed us many interpretations of the movie. This led into the discussion of the film in which we looked at the fantasy and the real and debated where we thought reality was in the film.


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