Recitação de Bruno- 4/11, 3:30

Satire and Irony in film

Bruno began class by showing a clip from The Truman Show, specifically the opening titles. The titles introduce the actors as the characters they portray in the actual “The Truman Show”, presenting us the unlikely possibility that something like this could happen. The irony lies in the fact that Jim Carrey’s character, Truman Burbank, is famous based solely on the fact that he’s on television. Truman, being virtually a nobody, has been randomly chosen to have the media follow every second of his life. The media guides him, influencing his ever decision.

The next clip we saw was from Boogie Nights, which was somewhat of a satirical montage that poked fun at the golden age of porn. Between Dirk Diggler winning the award for “Best Cock” and his crack at trying to double-up as a writer creates, the world depicted in Boogie Nights is both idealized and, at parts, exaggerated.

Next, we discussed the Lane reading, which follows Bigelow’s trajectory from Indie Cinema to the mainstream.  We learned that Bigelow is unique not only in that she is a female with a penchant for action films, but the attention paid to her looks by the media is something unseen in male directors.  Becca showed a clip from Bigelow’s film, Blue Steel, starring the ambiguously feminine Jamie Lee Curtis, in which she plays a cop with enough clout to play with the big boys (so to speak), but not enough to keep her out of trouble with the higher-ups.  We finally arrive at Point Break, where gender ideologies are questioned.  At the end, both men reject their masculinity by throwing the mask and badge in the water. Keanu and Patrick are totally in love.




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