Bruno’s 3:30 Recitation 04/11 Sparknotes

The class began on a formal note this week, as Bruno went over the assignment due in today’s recitation: the final paper proposal. Since I am writing this post on the day that it is due, I will not waste time explaining the assignment because you should already have completed it.

Our first discussion topic was The Truman Show. Bruno showed us the first ten minutes or so, and we talked about how the film portrays itself as a reality TV show based on Jim Carrey’s life.

Next, we watched a clip from Boogie Nights. Everyone should see this movie. At the next possible opportunity. Under the guiding hand of the great Paul Thomas Andersen, Boogie Nights tells the story of Marky Mark becoming a pornstar. The film serves as a satire of celebrity/entertainment culture. The scene we watched was a porn awards show which of course reflected the attitude of award shows like the Oscars, but with the added irony of the fact that these characters are in fact celebrating and commending the production of pornography.

After Boogie Nights, our very own Becca took the podium and presented on Lane’s article about Trajectories and Bigelow. The crowd gasped in shock when Becca defiantly claimed that Avatar was not the greatest movie. ever made. In fact, she went so far as to say that Kathryn Bigelow’s brilliant The Hurt Locker was a superior film. This outlandish claim aside, Becca’s presentation was eye-opening.

She showed us a clip from Bigelow’s Blue Steel, which presented a female (the ever-feminine Jamie Lee Curtis) in a masculine role (police officer). This juxtaposition brought up connections to last week’s Boy’s Dont Cry.

We spent the rest of class talking about homoeroticism in Point Break. Suffice it to say: it’s there. It’s there and it isn’t subtle. Johnny + Bodhi forever.


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