Jaap’s recitation/Section April 3rd, and 4th

During lecture and section of this past week, we began to investigate film in the 1990s by looking at indie/independent cinema.  We saw the move from independent film to focus on the new queer cinema and how they challenged and stabilize gay/lesbian identities.  In Professor Zinman’s lecture, we saw clips from Pulp Fiction, Girl Power, as well as watching Boys Don’t Cry in its entirety.

Jaap started off recitation by addressing the midterm papers and how to apply certain aspects to the final papers.   Some tips for writing the final papers:

  1. Specify a thesis—make it new and original
  2. If you want to make a provocative thesis, pick an interesting film, it is more interesting to pick a lesser-known film.
  3. Don’t just use one quote from the class readings.  It is important to use quotes that capture the essence of your argument and bring a dialogue to it.
  4. Make sure you use proper citations, be careful of plagiarizing.
  5. Check for typos
  6. Important to include a title and course information.

After going over the problems with the papers, we watched a short clip from Michael Moore’s The Awful Truth.  We then had a discussion of why this clip is an example of independent filmmaking.  From here, we transitioned into my presentation on the Geoff King reading.   In this presentation I discussed how King defines an independent film and the different subcategories of it, new queer cinema and black independent cinema.  This related back to Boys Don’t Cry in showing the representation of alternative ideologies of independent films.  Jake also gave his presentation on gender roles in these independent features.  Jaap posed three different questions pertaining to the film Boys Don’t Cry: What is the message of this film? What is the meaning of violence? What are positive film values and how are they constructed?


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