Bruno recitation 3/7 3:30

Bruno opened the floor asking, what is a blockbuster? Some opinions included: A film, where no thinking is required. A film that is a spectacle over an art piece, one student remarked, it is a film that has an atmosphere surrounding it, where the entertainment doesn’t end with the film but rather grows with the film, for example the toys, books, TV shows, and merchandise that have come from the “Star Wars” movies.


The conversation went on to us discussing why “Star Wars” was so successful. We discussed the idea of its simplicity, how one can identify with a character, the fact that there are no major complexities to each character. There is a simple conflict in “Star Wars”. For nothing else it was so successful because it was a movie that people could go see and feel something without having to think about it.


We discussed how iconic the voice of Darth Vader is, the color of the light-sabers, the special effects, the uniqueness of the characters and many other elements that make us love it. “Star Wars” had so many different and unique aspects to offer to a viewer.  “Star Wars” reminds us of our childhood, when people see Star Wars they remember seeing it as a kid and remember those good times. It is the type of movie where you can miss 20 minutes of it, come back and will still be able to enjoy what you are watching. 


We then began the discussion of the political tone of “Star Wars.” One could make the argument that it was the USA vs. Vietnam, with the empire at the US and, the rebels as Vietnam. In the reading the author makes an argument that the empire symbolizes the big studio system while the rebellions symbolize the new way of filmmaking, the way of people like George Lucas, and Steven Spielberg. Either way it is hard to make a correlation, we spoke about “Star Wars” we see a fight between the Empire, and the Rebellion but we never really know what they are fighting for, they are just fighting. But maybe this is part of the reason people love “Star Wars” so much, because we don’t want to know why they are fighting, we just want to see how they fight. George Lucas said he was a visual filmmaker; he changed the film industry, for now we do not focus on why people fight but rather how they fight.    


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