More on Feminism and Other American Cinemas (These clips have some strong vulgarity)

Just wanted to post a couple clips that kind of connect to last week. Russell Peters   has a lot of jokes with colonial undertones. The clip itself is vulgar and for some offensive and for that i apologize, but i would also like to emphasize that this is the reality of a kind of mindset in our time. I just wanted to provoke a little thought about how views on racism have changed. Notice the crowd, the people who make up the crowd and their reactions to certain jokes, as well as particular jokes he makes and the context they are made in i.e. their relation to actual social and cultural conditions. How can we compare the view of African Americans in this comedy clip in comparison to something like Sweetback. There is a roughly forty-fifty year span between these two pieces and its interesting to see how the tones and attitudes have changed, or how they haven’t. Secondly,

this clip poses questions of both race and gender in brief, a strong, smart, black woman is depicted taking control and confronting a black male. Tarantino has on many occasions received criticism from black actors and members of the community for his use of the “N” word, and his depiction of African Americans and their culture. He has also been defended in his use by members of the community such as Samuel L. Jackson.  How can we compare this to  Sweetback or other films of its time?


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