Boyz N Da Hood–Cynicsm

In this scene from Boyz N Da Hood, Doughboy (portrayed by rapper Ice Cube), espouses a view on God indicative of the mindset of a generation of black youth. In terms of aesthetics, the scene takes place while the characters are posted on Crenshaw Blvd, a popular place of violence and rebel culture. Because they are sitting in a drop top coupe, it shows that (even though they are in a dangerous setting) they have given up on any conscious attempt of survival. This relates to Howard Zinn’s perception of black media: “It was all there in their poetry, the prose, the music, sometimes masked, sometimes unmistakably clear—the signs of a people unbeaten, waiting, hot coiled.” They have lost all fear of death, and instead are driven by an insatiable bitterness.

In the scene, Doughboy explains how God cannot possibly exist because he allows people to be killed on a daily basis. Ironically, the black culture is one of the more religious demographics in the nation. However, due to Singleton’s view on the status quo, the younger inner city youth begin to lose faith.


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