The Point (1971)

The Point (1971) is an American cartoon that follows the adventures of a round-headed boy Oblio and his pointy-headed dog Arrow in a land of pointed objects and people. Written and musically accompanied by Brooklyn-born musician Harry Nilsson, the film is narrated by his friend Ringo Starr. Originally aired as a TV special, The Point is an aesthetic continuation of the style of animation seen in the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine cartoon.

What makes The Point compelling is its reduction of the feelings of alienation and growing up to the simple image of a cone/triangle. Visually, this shape is repeated throughout its entirety. Perhaps too much so, as it does become a bit tiresome by the end. However, the use of music to advance the narrative and its use as leitmotif adds depth to the otherwise simplistic presentation. On top of that, the music is actually pretty good.

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