The first movie I saw in NYU was, “Adaptation.” It is an amazing movie that depicts the troubles of screen writing, as well as the troubles of being trapped, by your own thoughts. The scene introduces us to Charlie’s mental health. As he sits there with a woman who truly admires his work as a writer, he can’t seem to get over his own imperfections. This meeting is about his genius as a writer, the woman wishes to transfer this genius to a new script. But Charlie is so caught up in his own physical appearance. The film uses Charlie’s inner voice-over to depict his mental illness, when we hear his inner voice, we are given insight to how “Fucked Up” he really is, while others just see him as a weird guy.
Later in the scene Charlie pitches his idea, for the script he will adapt, from Susan Orlene’s book, “The Orchid Thief,” he is attempting to impress the woman with his idea, this is hard because he isn’t even able to impress himself. Through his inner voice we hear his ridiculous concerns, this scene introduces us to how messed up his thoughts are, and alludes us to how difficult adapting this script will be for him.

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