The Bourne Identity

I like this film a lot, mostly for its ability to hold my attention for two hours without making me feel overwhelmed with gun fights and explosions. It has all those elements, but what makes it different from other action films is, I think, the core story of a guy trying to discover who he really is (which goes along with our psyche/identity/past discussion and is somewhat similar to what we saw in “The Manchurian Candidate”). “The Bourne Identity” is basically one big brilliantly-made chase sequence, not just literally (bad guys after a “good” guy), but also metaphorically (Bourne chasing himself and his past). That’s what makes it so cool to me: this film is not solely about gunfights, it touches the subject of human nature. 

One response to “The Bourne Identity

  1. I really love your analysis of The Bourne Identity because I’ve only ever seen it as an action movie and nothing more. You’re totally right in that it’s a search for Jason Bourne’s self more than anything else. And I think you’ve highlighted an important point: that the action movies we love (Inception, The Dark Knight, Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2, etc.) are becoming highly psychological and less about the spectacle.

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