Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko is a troubled, yet genius young man who has schizophrenia, and stops taking his medication. He sees a large rabbit, who is named Frank, who tells him to do bad things. At the beginning of the film, he narrowly escapes death due to sleepwalking the night before, and at the end of the film, has to choose between time traveling back to his own death or the death of his loved ones.

This film is convoluted and becomes more so as the film goes on, weaning Donnie off his medicine, and introducing Frank, his imaginary friend. With black holes, and extended conversations discussing both matter and God, this film creeps up on you and leaves you with chills long after the credits roll.

2 responses to “Donnie Darko

  1. I loved Donnie Darko when I first watched it. I researched it a bit online, and found out about the extended edition that apparently provides a scientific explanation for all of the film’s events. I prefer the original’s ambiguity about whether or not it was real or a dream, and I feel like the overly dull and convoluted reasoning behind the science takes away so much of the film’s bizarre style. Still worth watching, but I’d recommend avoiding all of the information out there about the film.

  2. elliottdeanmoore

    I agree, I think it is interesting how the director chose to leave the explanation of events relatively open ended. Every time I watch this film with a friend who has never seen it before they always come up with a different explanation about what just happened, and that’s what is fun about Donnie Darko for me. Even if someone doesn’t like the film I think they have to respect the fact that everyone comes away from the movie with a different interpretation and most of the time they are left questioning the action of the movie long after it has ended.

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